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Danielle Braverman, originally from Denver, moved to Los Angeles to attend Loyola Marymount University when she was 18. The blue-eyed beauty began her modeling career as a size 2/4 while she was studying for her BA.  Modeling even after graduation, Danielle amassed experience in editorial, catalogue, runway, music videos, and commercials.

The pressure of continuously having to stay a “skinny” size was a challenge and eventually caused Danielle to retire from the straight-size modeling world. Unwilling to conform to the industry’s strict standards, she focused all of her time and energy on her husband and two small children. Once Danielle became a mother, she learned to embrace and celebrate her curves; stopping the fight against her natural shape. Now at a size 12/14, Danielle is a body acceptance advocate and has never been more happy or comfortable in her own skin. Honored to be a curvy/plus size model, she is ready to take on the world as a role model for body love and acceptance.  Often thought of as the Christie Brinkley of the plus industry, Danielle believes that all women are beautiful and shouldn’t feel constant pressure to be a certain size.  She has seen both sides of the industry and is very proud to be a part of the revolution taking the industry by storm.